Arbour Consulting and some affiliates provide a wide range of workshops and training to address specific needs of caregivers, professionals and other community members.  Refer to the newsletter for other workshops available.

Supporting a young person through the complexities of "the hormone years" is challenging for all parents and caregivers. When the individual has additional support needs the challenges can seem overwhelming.

Through focus on the importance of relationships as the foundation for understanding healthy sexuality, caregivers will be guided through a process of examining the similarities and differences between typical sexual development in youth and the behaviour they are seeing from their young person. Concerns about inappropriate language and touching can be addressed and put into context. Support options such as the Circles Program, Continuum of Touch and Social Stories will be introduced. Participants will also be made aware of community resources such as the Sunny Hill Education Resource Centre library which can provide relevant support materials.

Healthy sexuality workshop
Transition planning workshop

Challenging behaviours such as physical aggression, running away, inappropriate touching and drug misuse can seem to “come out of the blue.” In fact, there are always reasons why someone engages in these behaviours. Until we understand why these behaviours occur we can all feel frustrated, afraid and powerless.

Functional assessments help caregivers and others understand why behaviours occur, and how Positive Behaviour Interventions can help to decrease them.

Positive Behaviour Interventions consider the unique challenges, strengths and resources of an individual and how he or she copes with the stressors of life. Strategies such as visual supports, scheduling and relaxation techniques assist in learning new ways to get  needs and wants met, while improving social relationships.

Arbour Consulting actively supports the promotion of healthier communities. Our work considers the general well-being of individuals, caregivers and other service providers to ensure a sustainable plan of care.

Through workshops and guided practice, groups and individuals who wish to reduce and better manage their responses to stress, are given self-assessment tools and coping strategies based on their own unique needs and strengths.

The best care we can provide to others is only possible when we care also for ourselves.

Stress management & self-care workshop
Suicide prevention workshop

“Why do people kill themselves? What do I do if I suspect someone may be suicidal? Within the context of the crisis intervention model of support, this presentation will provide participants with an overview of why people contemplate suicide and how to recognize the warning signs of suicidal ideation. The workshop will review assessment of suicide risk and strategies supporting someone who is suicidal.  

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